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Pets Of Finland

  • Brown Wolf
    Brown Wolf

People in Finland love their pets and they have developed a close relationship with nature and have a great respect for the animals around them. But out of all the pets available, dogs are still the most popular pet in a Finlanders’ home, just about like most people around the world, I would say.

Finlanders’ tend to have large dogs as pets and they usually go hunting and tracking with their pets. There are some popular breeds that are found in Finland. I will list them here for your reference.

Finnish Hound

Finnish Hound is a medium-sized hound and the body build is strong. This dog has a great sense of balance and its tail usually hangs low. The hound has a large and long head which basically point to the prey as it spots them during hunting, basically, it was designed for mostly for hunting. But when they are in the house, the hound is very calm and is gentle with its humans around. However, when hunting it’s natural instinct kicks in and he/she is able to alert the humans immediately if it smells a hare or a fox nearby. This dog can be trained to track and hunt other animals as well too.

Picture of basset hound running in lake


Finnish Spitz

This dog is a great hunting dog too and is able to go after the small game without a problem. Some of these dogs even learn to hunt Elk. The dog can alert the owner that there is a bird nearby just by the way it barks. The dog will station itself there and sit there and watch the bird while the hunter is able to take a shot at it.  This dog likes to bark continuously so much so that people who live in the cities would think twice before they get to adopt this dog. This dog loves to run so it is great for people who are active and sport-minded who also love to live in the country. The Spitz is also a great guard dog and will alert owners when someone is approaching their house or if any approaches the vicinity nearby. It gets a bit protective towards its owners and their family members too if need be. Debarking dogs are outlawed in Finland, so this noisy dog might need a great outdoors or a country setting to keep him happy. The Spitz has a bright red coat and small white markings on the chest. The ear tends to be upright standing and this kind of dog normally has a curved tail. It’s an intelligent dog breed, hence they are very loyal to their owner and are often wary of strangers.

A Finnish Sptiz

Finnish Sptiz


Karelian Bear dog

This is a big dog but is a favorite breed of the people who live in Finland. This dog is able to hunt large game such as bear or elk. The dog is very devoted to its owner and family members but is wary of any strangers. This kind of dog is usually big and strong built and is able to thrive in the harsh conditions of Finland. This breed comes with a shiny black coat and a small stumped tail. The coat is very thick which helps the dog survive and thrive in the cold weather of Finland.

A picture of a Karelian Bear dog

Karelian Bear dog

Lapponian Herders

This breed of dog comes with a long coat and can even stay warm in the cold winters seasons for long hours. They love to play in the snow and can survive such outdoors life very easily. Many people will take in their family pets into the house during the night. This breed is very modest and they will listen to any commands. These dogs make great companions to owners and will love to play and socialize easily with anyone.

A picture of a Lapponian Herders

Lapponian Herders

In Finland, these dogs are known for their great stamina and they can stand up to the harsh weather conditions. These dogs are generally healthy, and they live to be a ripe old age above 12 years. It is not uncommon for any person to have this dog for over 15 years.

People in Finland basically love their dogs and they are the most popular pets in this country. However, there are some other pets that the people of Finland are falling in love too and taking them into their homes too. Here are some other animals that can be considered as pets.


This is another common household pet and the cat ownership rates are also increasing in Finland lately. The cats are easy to take care of and as they can be very independent creatures. The cats have long hair and can live in this cold weather too. Cats also like to curl up next to the fireplace and they are known for taking nice long naps. Keeping cats can help keep pest like the mice, and they kill these mice that may try to make its way into the home. As the people of Finland become busier each day they also like the independence of having cats.

Picture of Cat in a House


Smaller Mammals

The people of Finland are beginning to welcome other smaller mammals into their home as pets too. Rabbits are making their appearance as pets in some homes throughout Finland. Rabbits are gentle, and they have a lot of furs which helps them live in the cold climates. They do require a bit more care than most people would like but they are becoming popular in Finland.


Hamster and Guinea Pigs

These are other first go to pets for their children and all around the world. These little furry creatures are cute and they are easy to take care off. They have their own habitat and only need food and some water. Of course, their home needs to be cleaned and that is all about the care that they need. Children love these pets all over the world and Finland is no exception to this.


Picture of White rabbit



A picture of a Hamster


Other Small Pets

There are other small mammals that are popular in Finland as pets, these may include mice, gerbils, ferrets, and even certain breeds of squirrels that are native to this country.


Fishes are easy to take care of and are still a popular choice in Finland. All a person needs to do must feed the fish and they can watch them swim around. Fishes are becoming another popular go-to pet as more people are moving to live in cities and living in small apartments. They still want a pet in the home, but they may not have the time to care for such as a cat or a dog. However, people are getting traditional freshwater fish such as goldfish, but many people are looking for exotic fish and even getting saltwater tanks.

These are some of the most popular pets in Finland.

Orange n Wihte Fish

Orange n Wihte Fish


A rainbow Fish

A Rainbow Fish


A Bunch Of Koi

Koi Fish

Looking at all these pets, the dog is still the most popular pet for many households with more than 50 percent of the popular owning a dog. The dog has been domesticated from being a wild animal that used to be roaming around. After being domesticated these dogs became guard dogs initially but after a few centuries later they then became house trained and now being used in hunting and also as a loving family pet and a great companion. Even though Finland is now opening up to other types of pets as well but the dog is still the most popular one that a person can own and have a great life.

People in Finland love pets and they have developed a close relationship with nature and have a respect for the animals around them. But dogs are the most popular pet in a Finlander’s home, just about like most people around the world, I would say.